The Real Shit is based in Portland, OR USA. Our fundamental intent is to empower others, make people laugh, and/or to inspire vital conversation.

The messages on our T-Shirts are mostly derived from our own personal failures & triumphs, world views, and/or lifelong experiences. Some of the messages are dark. Some are deeply profound. Some poke fun at glaring social issues. Some are just fucking silly. But hey, that’s life…

We hope to lend a voice to those who wish to speak their truth. Because the truth is, if we don’t talk about THE REAL SHIT, then nothing will ever change in any meaningful way for any of us.

Naomi Sioux
Resident Fairy

A self proclaimed lover of animals and people alike, Naomi spends her time coming up with ideas and “isms” that are funny and thought provoking. She also loves beer… like, a lot.

Lori Hatch
AKA: The Dancing Queen

When she’s not shaking her booty on the dance floor, you can find her amongst friends, laughing, eating, drinking (almost anything) and just being her Bad Ass Rock Star self!

Jesse Scott
Mad Scientist

Jesse is our resident mad scientist, and handles all things technical. We keep him chained up in the basement on a steady diet of Cheetos and porn.